Friday, January 30, 2009

Memoirs in LITRAK..:)

30/01/09 were my last day @ LITRAK
there a lots of sweet memories
with great n superb colleagues
sporting boss and Head of Department
excellent CEO, COO n directors

teach me everything...i learn a lots since i was here...
thanks a lot LITRAK...

before this,i dont know everything bout legal,law
even the full name all highways in mesia i dont know...lalalala

since working here,tell me what highway i dont know and where highway i never go...hehehehe

Yeahh..i love working here...
i love to be part of the family LITRAK,SPRINT....
thanks a lot dear!!!
i really appreciate..

i have new family..
LITRAK was my new family...everything was fine when i here...
from top to toe i learn everything....
THANKS a LOT EVERYBODY either directly or indirectly
im gonna miss u all......
please keep in touch with me....

for everybody dont know where is LITRAK?
LITRAK situated @ LDP or Lebuhraya Damansara - Puchong
my office besides the Toll Plaza Banday Sunway (TP2)
near the sunway pyramid,sunway lagoon,
them bring u closest to KLANG VALLEY!!

footnote: i will start with NEW job,NEW life,NEW friends,NEW environment & EVERYTHING will NEW on 2 February 2009...wish me happy always yeahhh...mwaahhhxxx

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Farazila said...

kak nad...\skang ni akk buat per?
kat umah je ker?