Thursday, April 2, 2009

2nd Anniversary DFC CelebratioN

Jom ramai2 ke SACC Mall Shah Alam on 11th April 2009 jam 2petang.
The Official Dafi FC is celebrating 2nd Anniversary plus showcase by Dafi singing few songs from his latest album.

It's a free show [xpayah bayar] and few games to play with Dafi.

For signing/photo session , it's exclusively for those who owned his latest album ONLY. If you don't have one, get it there but limited 50 copies jer dijual. RM29.90 je. Dapat kalendar Dafi dengan setiap pembelian. Mana nak dapat kan?

Tell others about it and spread it around for others to read. Copy paste info ini!!!

Jom2....kasi Gempaq SACC MALL yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lyn Yusoff said...


Kak lyn baru nmpk posting nih..
sorry lmbt bukak..
btw, thx a lots yer..
luv u..
take care.. :)